You Probably Don't Know Who Is Ignoring Your Booth... And You'll Be Surprised Who Is

Sales and marketing directors know that you don’t close a sale on the trade show floor. “We’re just here to fly the flag,” they say. Expectations are low, and the sales team doesn’t care if the booth is full of customers because “the attendees already know us” and “they’ll stop if they need us.”

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Eight Ways to Convert More Trade Show Leads

Trade show exhibitors regularly report two thoughts on trade shows: they know trade shows provide a great opportunity to generate good sales leads, and they know that an in-person experience should provide the best opportunity to connect with those leads.  

But how do you transform a show full of attendees into a flood of sales leads?

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How to Keep Your Booth Team Engaged During Trade Shows

Your sales and marketing department exists for one reason: to find prospects, qualify them into leads, and move those leads through a sales process into a closed sale.  

If they’re performing at their highest and best purpose, that’s where they’re focusing all their attention.  

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How to Get Better Trade Show Leads When "Excellent Customer Service"​ Is Your Competitive Advantage.

Every exhibitor tells their prospects they have the best customer service in the industry.

Every exhibitor tells their clients that they take better care of them than anyone else.

Everyone knows this.

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Three Ways Your Trade Show Booth is "Leaking" Leads

 I just read a brilliant three page article by an outstanding "millionaire marketing mind" about trade show exhibiting. This guy is a true “outlier” and a notoriously reclusive individual, so it's unlikely you’ve experienced his thinking first-hand. Still, you can absolutely benefit from what he had to say.

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