Trade Show Funnel

Trade Show Funnel


The Trade Show Funnel Presentation is a proven method for dramatically
increasing qualified lead count and building brand recognition.

Mike Duseberg fills your booth with qualified prospects
who are looking forward to your follow-up calls and emails.

 How It Works


Step 1. Build a Crowd

With incredible magic and mind-blowing mentalism, Mike Duseberg builds a huge crowd of people at your booth. The excitement and activity make your booth stand out, which attracts even more people.

More importantly, Mike focuses their attention on your booth, preparing them to learn about your company.


Step 2. Broadcast Your Message

As the crowd enjoys the presentation, they learn about your company and the outcomes they get by working with you.

Mike scripts your message so it appeals directly to your ideal prospect at the show. They think, “Wow, I want that!”


Step 3. Call to Action

At the end of his presentation, Mike directs interested prospects through your lead collection area and into your trade show booth.

Your ideal prospects will qualify themselves by coming into the booth and asking questions about their particular needs and applications.


Step 4. Collect the Leads

Mike helps your team scan badges and collect business cards, ensuring you don’t miss a qualified prospect.

The prospects then enter the booth, meet with your booth staff, and learn more about your products and services.


Step 5. Repeat

Mike repeats the process - building a new crowd, communicating your message, and collecting qualified leads - two or three times per hour.

The Trade Show Funnel presentation transforms your booth into a lead generating machine.

“The Fortune is in the Follow Up.”

Mike’s presentation makes your booth an unforgettable part of the trade show, so your booth stands out in your prospects’ minds long after the show closes.

And, because they volunteered their information when they scanned their badges, your ideal prospects anticipate your follow up campaign. Your sales team will be a “welcome guest” when they call after the show.


Trade Show Funnel Results


" WEFTEC 2016- 307 leads and business cards

PowerGen 2016 – 158 leads and 2 load banks were sold right off the floor!”

Christie Stewart, ASCO Power Technologies

 Every trade show is a unique opportunity to engage
your ideal prospects.

Mike Duseberg listens to your trade show goals,
creates a customized plan that ensures you achieve them, and
delivers an unforgettable experience your prospects will talking about for years to come.