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What Do Clients and Show Attendees Say About Mike Duseberg?


“We got the point across to many of the customers that stopped by – just got a note from one of our district managers that we already got an order from the show!”
Arti Patel, Sr. Mngr., Marketing, Kaman Industrial Technologies


“Mike’s customized magic tricks deliver ASCO’s product and capability message in a fun and entertaining way that resonates well with customers… His specialized magic tricks clearly communicate these ideas to our customers in a memorable way.”
Bhavesh Patel, Vice President - Global Marketing, ASCO Power Technologies


“I have seen him draw literally everyone on the trade show floor to our booth….”
John Kronenwetter, VP Sales, SDI

“Sometimes I think he knows as much about our gear as our top sales guys do!” ASCO


“We all were impressed how you tied in company related details into your presentations, very well done!!! A real pleasure working with you!”
Thomas Schardt,Sr. Director IoT, Nidec Motors


"I have personally used Mike to grow market presence and sales velocity. He is amazing…”
Shane McBee, Regional Sales Manager, PPG Industries, Inc


“You’re too good NOT to have in the booth.”
Scott Sutfin, Director - Power Transmission and Bearings Division, supplyFORCE


“We had to run and get more lead paper for our printer because we went through 55 feet in an hour!”
Christie Stewart, Marketing, ASCO Power Technologies


“He also gets to know our services and how we help our customers, and he presents information clearly and effectively to the crowd.

He makes our service solution (which comprises over 14 different processes) easy for our customers to understand.”
John Kronenwetter, Vice President - Sales, SDI


“We got three times as many leads in the first half day as we got in the last two years combined!”
Tony Rugghia, Regional Director, Kaman Industrial Technologies

Carol Walker
Nidec Motors

Bhavesh Patel
Vice President - Global Marketing, ASCO Power Technologies

PowerGen Attendee

supply force.png

"Just as the crowd was mesmerized by your magic, you seemlessly passed them off as the perfect icebreaker. Undoubtedly, everyone left the evening feeling cheerful and with plenty of new contacts!”
Kayla Champagne, Executive Assitant, supplyFORCE

Every trade show is a unique opportunity
to engage your ideal prospects.

Mike Duseberg listens to your trade show goals,
creates a customized plan that ensures you achieve them, and
delivers an unforgettable experience your prospects will talking about for years to come.