How to Get Better Trade Show Leads When "Excellent Customer Service"​ Is Your Competitive Advantage.

Every exhibitor tells their prospects they have the best customer service in the industry.

Every exhibitor tells their clients that they take better care of them than anyone else.

Everyone knows this.

But nobody really says, “they have great customer service! I have to go visit their booth now!”


Because “our customer service is great” does not move the prospect to take any action. 

Unlike a specific benefit offered by a product feature, there’s no white paper to download, or information product to read or watch. It’s just a statement. 

It doesn’t move the deal forward.

So what do you do if you’re in a commodity industry, where all the products are basically the same, and customer service really is what differentiates one company from the others? How can you leverage excellent customer service to prospect for new clients? 

What if you could find a way to DEMONSTRATE how your customer service is superior to every other company in the industry? 

You would have something you can show the prospect that proves that you are uniquely suited to take better care of them than anyone else. 

Try this:

  • Offer a Complimentary Experience: Offer to come to the client, review their current situation, and help them get the outcome they want. Let people experience your customer service. 

What makes this so good?

It’s a call to action and an opt-in. The complimentary experience offer is a call to action. You’re literally saying “Try us out. Not only do we promise we’re the best, we’re willing to work for free because we know you’re going to stay with us.”

People who take you up on this offer are inviting you to call them and interact with them after the show. They need to give you their contact information for you to call them, and they’re telling you they want you to call them. They are anticipating your follow up call because they want what you are offering them. And, when you call to follow up, they will volunteer all kinds of qualifying information about themselves: 

  • How do they use your products? 

  • What outcome do they want? 

  • Which of your products do they already use? 

  • Which of your competitors do they use? 

  • Why do they choose the companies and brands they choose? 

So here are four ways to prove your customer service through “free service offers” you can use to draw the opt-in:

  • Delivery Time Estimate: If your selling point is that you can deliver a product faster or more reliably on time, offer to give an upfront delivery time estimate. Your competitors won’t do this (they’re not as good as you, right?). If you’re as good as you claim, stick a hefty guarantee on it and follow through. Even better: the delivery time estimate is basically an order, so they’ll tell you everything you need to know about what they want and how they want it delivered.

  • “Savings” Estimate: One client promised that using his products would save a client money. Few people believed the claim, so he offered a complimentary estimate on how much his service would save the client. If his service failed, he would make up the difference to the client in cash. Not only did he get inside information from the estimating process, he proved the value of his solution and created an immediate pathway to implementation at the end of the estimate. 

  • Trial Period: Offer to let the prospect use your service for a set amount of time at no cost. Let them actually implement your process, and if they don’t like the result, they pay nothing. 

  • Complimentary Training: Invite people to your facility to be trained in how your equipment is used. They’ll get a chance to see it at work, use it themselves, and see if they’ll get the outcomes they want from using it. Invite them to an on-site session, or invite them to join a private website where video trainings are available. They’ll meet your experts, gain insight from them, and start to commit themselves to your solution.

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to focus attention on your company, tell clients what they’ll get from working with you, and demonstrate tangible proof that you can deliver on your promises. Rather than simply making vague claims about your customer service and hoping your prospects will believe you, use your booth to engage your prospect in a real customer engagement, so you can prove your company’s superiority.

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