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You Probably Don't Know Who Is Ignoring Your Booth... And You'll Be Surprised Who Is

Sales and marketing directors know that you don’t close a sale on the trade show floor. “We’re just here to fly the flag,” they say. Expectations are low, and the sales team doesn’t care if the booth is full of customers because “the attendees already know us” and “they’ll stop if they need us.”

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Three Critical Principles for Generating More Booth Traffic

Three Principles To Get More Qualified Trade Show Traffic

Most trade show booth traffic is passive traffic. Some people will recognize the company name and already know that they want what the company has to offer. Others will recognize the equipment on display and decide they want to learn more.

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How to Host a “Free” Event in Your Trade Show Booth

Since hospitality events are such powerful tools for connecting with your clients and engaging new prospects, it’s amazing how few companies host them. Bringing hundreds (or even thousands) of potential prospects to an event, feeding them, offering them drinks, and entertaining them them takes a lot of money, but the potential return on investment is incredible.

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