The Trade Show Funnel Presentation At Work

Kaman Industrial Technologies Collected 300% More Leads Than the Previous Two Years Combined!

In one of the best implementations of the Trade Show Funnel Presentation yet, Kaman:

  • Attracted large crowds to their booth at FWRC,

  • Conveyed a simple but important message to the attendees,

  • And got qualfied prospects to leave their business card at the booth!

Better yet, each prospect was looking forward to a follow up call!

Secrets to Successful Implementation

1). Carefully Identify the Ideal Prospect

Kaman understood their ideal prospect at this show: water and wastewater facility operators – people who are primarily concerned with uptime. These facility operators want to work with companies who can provide the equipment and repair services they need, as well as expert advice and support to ensure their facility is working effectively and efficiently with no interruption of service.

Also, Kaman understood that the facility managers and operators were not ready to close a deal at the show. Municipal facilities run on annual budgets, and new equipment purchases must be planned a year or more in advance. Collecting contact information would be critical, so the Kaman representatives could follow up and develop a relationship with the facility managers that would lead to a sale in the coming year.

Rule: Understand Your Prospects’ Buying Habits

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2). What’s In It For Me?

Kaman understood that the show attendees would be facility operators and facility managers. These people work “in the trenches” with equipment every day. They hate waiting for equipment that takes time to deliver, and they hate ineffective repair programs that might save money but break again within a few months.

Every pitch at the show reflected these important concepts.

First, Kaman’s new “Wilo Pump Stocking Program” would allow customers to recieve a brand new, fully trimmed Wilo Pump within 24 to 48 hours, rather than the usual 2 to 4 weeks. This tremendous savings in time would make a huge difference to their prospects who value uptime above everything else.

Second, Kaman’s repair facilities can handle any pump, motor, or drive in the water or wastewater industry, and Kaman will even bring a crane truck out to pick up the damaged equipment. More importantly, Kaman warranties their service for a full year, rather than the traditional 90 days. Again, that’s a promise of quality and increased uptime to the people in the aisle.

Rule: Always talk in terms of the results people will get when they work with you.

3). A Brilliantly Effective Call to Action

The Wilo Pump Stocking Program would not go into effect for 60 to 90 days after the show, so it was important that the presentation describe both the program and its projected launch date.

Kaman recognized this was a tremendous lead collection opportunity!

At the end of each magic segment, attendees were invited to drop a business card in the hopper, so they could be advised when the Wilo Pump Stocking Program would launch. Every attendee at the show wanted access to that program, so all of them enthusiastically put their card into the hopper.

Even better, these attendees were looking forward to a call from the Kaman representatives with the latest updates on the pump stocking program!

Rule: Get contact information, promise to follow up, and follow through.



Tony Rugghia, district manager for Kaman and Florida Bearings, said that “there were two or three times as many people at our booth as anywhere else on the show floor” and “we had collected three times as many leads as we collected in the past two years in just the first half day!”

By applying the simple steps in the TradeShowFunnel System, Kaman Industrial Technologies made a dramatic improvement in their trade show success.