Trade Show Funnel

Watch the Video Below to See What’s Coming to the Nidec Motors Booth at EASA 2019!

Overview for Nidec Motors Booth at EASA 2019:

  • Entertain at the Nidec booth on June 30 and July 1st

  • Build Crowds at the Booth AND Bring Crowd into the Forcyte Theater for Presentation

  • Amaze, Engage, and Entertain Nidec Clients at the Nidec Hospitality event on June 30th.

Each performance will include customized scripts that explain the Nidec message and why clients should meet with the Nidec team.

All inclusive appearance fees:

  • Trade Show and Hospitality Events: $9260 plus hotel.

  • Hospitality Event on June 30th Only: $4851 plus hotel.

 “I have seen him draw literally everyone on the
trade show floor to our booth….”

“He also gets to know our services and how we help our customers, and he presents information clealry and effectively to the crowd. He makes our service solution (which comprises over 14 different processes) easy for our customers to understand."

John Kronenwetter, Vice President - Sales, SDI

“As I walked out of the reception, several guests thanked us for the event. Instead of saying the venue was nice or the food was good, they immediately said the entertainment was amazing and proceeded to talk for 10 minutes about the different magic tricks. The next day while talking with customers in our booth, same thing!”

Maureen Netzley, Marketing, Emerson


“He learns about our products, understands how they work and why our customers prefer them. He conveys the ASCO story tailored for relevant audiences from facility managers to consulting engineers and channel partners.”

“Mike's customized magic tricks deliver ASCO's product and capability message in a fun and entertaining way that resonates well with customers... His specialized magic tricks clearly communicate these ideas to our customers in a memorable way.”

Bhavesh Patel, VP - Global Marketing, ASCO Power Technologies


“Mike Duseberg wows us every time! We have clients have seen him perform 3 or 4 times now, and they still want more. Mike is very clever, humorous and innovative, all with the utmost in professionalism as well.”

“You will not be disappointed! Loads of fun… We hope to keep him on for years to come.”

Trish Lazarin , National Accounts Marketing Coordinator, Kaman Industrial Technologies


“Our goal is always to provide our participants a memorable experience that they will remember for a long time. Your performances coupled with our other activities are what people remember and appreciate, and that’s why many return to experience it again. Your ability to add new material to your performances is also a huge factor, because they never know what to expect. You would be amazed how many people ask if you are going to be at an event we are having.”

Joe Daleo, Director of Events - Corporate Sales, Emerson

Letters of Recommendation from Clients Like You


“It’s even better when a customer’s wife, as happens many times, tells us they had a great time and enjoyed your show.”

SDI Letter or Recommendation

“I have seen him draw literally every attendee on the show floor to our booth…”

ASCO Letter of Recommendation.jpg

ASCO Letter of Recommendation

“There is always activity near our booth…”

supplyFORCE Letter of Recommendation

“Everyone left the event feeling cheerful and with plenty of contacts!”