What Stops Trade Show Traffic?

Three Principles To Get More Qualified Trade Show Traffic

Most trade show booth traffic is passive traffic. Some people will recognize the company name and already know that they want what the company has to offer. Others will recognize the equipment on display and decide they want to learn more.

Exhibitors who rely on passive traffic alone, however, miss out on a huge number of qualified prospects who simply don’t “see” their booth or actively choose to ignore it. (Link).

Expert exhibitors know they need to maximize the number of qualified leads they get from each show, and that means actively attracting traffic to their booth and enticing qualified buyers into the booth to meet the booth team.

So how do you draw traffic to the booth? Here are three principles that might help, and five easy-to-implement ideas you can use at your next show.

Principle 1) Lead with the outcome.

At the WEFTEC Show, a lot of companies sell pumps. They all have a pump in front of the booth and signage that says “pumps.”

We all know the old cliche: people don’t want to buy drills, they want to by 1/4″ holes, and what they really want is to hang a picture on the wall. So, if you insist on leading with a product message, lead with the outcome: lower energy costs (save money to make money), better reliability (fewer midnight trips from home to fix broken machinery), and electronic monitoring (less wasted time running system tests and creating reports).

Principle 2) Lead with something interesting.

Leading with a product presentation is a great way to stop traffic because people like to see things “work.” They like to see automatic welding machines, demonstrations of remote controlled equipment, etc.

The classic product “pitch” – kitchen tools like juicers and knives – is a compelling demonstration because attendees see someone actually use the product. They see the outcome, and they visualize themselves using the product.

After a product demonstration, people have questions. They want to know more: how will it work in their business? How much does it cost? What’s the delivery time? What’s the product lifespan?

Bingo! A very warm, qualified lead.

Principle 3) Lead with something fun.

For over 40 years, Exhibit Surveys has reported that live performers and demonstrations are the most powerful draw on the trade show floor. People are naturally drawn to the entertainment and excitement that a live performer projects into the aisle, and a small crowd will always attract a larger one. A small speaker system helps to project the performer’s voice into the aisle, and a small stage helps to focus the crowd’s attention. The stage, sound system, and crowd interrupt the aisle walker’s usual expectations, and make the booth look unique and interesting to people passing by.

Performers work brilliantly well because they don’t use a product message to attract the crowd. People in the aisle are intrigued by the excitement, mystery, and fun, and they enjoy the diversion from the usual “buy my stuff” message that most booths offer. The show seems like a quick distraction and an opportunity to enjoy something special. Ironically, this disarms the audience and actually makes them more open and receptive to your message.

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