Turn Your Trade Show Booth into a Lead Generating Machine!

MIKE DUSEBERG builds a massive crowd at your trade show booth with hilarous, high energy, demonstrations of magic and mind reading.   Mike’s proven strategy ensures every attendee sees your booth, hears your message, and understands why they should work with your company.  


The Ultimate Trade Show Secret:

Integrating Your Message into the Show

Once he’s stopped a huge crowd of attendees at your booth, Mike Duseberg integrates your company name and product message into his performance.  Mike clearly explains why show attendees should do business with your company. He directs interested buyers into your booth to learn more from your sales team.  

By drawing only interested buyers into the booth, your team will be able to focus all their attention on your key clients at the show.

We got three times as many leads in the first half day as we got in the last two years combined!

Tony Rugghia

District Manager, Kaman Industrial Technologies

“I have seen him draw literally every attendee on the trade show floor to our booth, leaving every other booth empty.” 


John Kronenwetter,

VP Sales, SDI

“There is always activity near our booth, which in itself becomes a draw for the rest of the show.” 

Bhavesh Patel

VP Marketing, ASCO Power Technologies

“We have clients have seen him perform 3 or 4 times now, and they still want more.  You will not be disappointed!”

Trish Lazarin

National Accounts Marketing Coordinator, Kaman industrial Technologies

“You’re too good NOT to have in the booth!”

– Scott Sutfin, supplyFORCE

“Of all the acts I’ve seen over the years, you did the best job of seamlessly integrating the act with the product.”







Tim Nippes

CEO, Repipe 4710

“He has helped us launch the concept of the Critical Power Management System… His specialized magic tricks clearly communicate these ideas to our customers in a memorable way.” 

Bhavesh Patel

Director of Marketing, ASCO Power Technologies

“We know we are leaving an impression and improving our brand recognition when on day one of an event attendees are already asking, ‘Where’s Mike?”




John Kronenwetter

Vice President, Sales, SDI

At PowerGen 2015, the average booth expected to collect 50 leads (Source: PennWell).

  With Mike Duseberg in their booth, ASCO Power Technologies collected over 500 leads in just the first two days! 

Guarantee Success in Almost Any Industry!

Mike Duseberg can only work with one company per show.

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